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Garage Door Installation Process

Step 1

Contact our customer support for a price estimate and available schedule for a site visit.

Consider the additional services open for your garage door installation.

Step 3

Removal of your previous garage door, should there be one.

Placing the rollers and making adjustments for the alignment.

Utilizing and applying the electrical wires for the garage door opener

Step 2

Our skilled technicians will arrive to help make a thorough inspection and floorplan to ensure that the installation process will go as smoothly as possible.

We also offer additional services such as openers.

Step 4

Installing the garage door.

Testing out the movement of the door until it fits your specifications and satisfaction.

Configuring and attaching the opener to the garage door.

Professionals To Fix Your Garage Door

Here at All Right Garage Door, we pride ourselves on our top-class expertise in providing excellent garage door repair and maintenance services.

Working With Our Garage Door Experts

Every member of our team underwent deep training to ensure that we can provide the very best when it comes to handling garage door repairs and maintenance. We take pride in making sure that we have all the tools and skills on hand before we service any customer to give you the best experience with every job request. Not only can we assure our customers that we can provide the right tools for the job, but we can also guarantee that every garage door shall undergo a thorough inspection to help identify any possible underlying issues that may have started under the hood.

Unrivaled Service Quality

In All Right Garage Door, we pride ourselves in making sure that every job that we take is left with complete satisfaction by our customers. There is no job out there that our talented teams would not take. Every request for repair and maintenance will be handled by our skilled technicians while making sure that we can match the time, speed, and date that suits your preference the best.

You can also rest easy knowing that you have some of the best technicians imaginable right at your disposal with our 24-hour available service. For each job we take, we strive to ensure that we reach total customer satisfaction with all our customers and clients.